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Freedom T-Shirt

The freedom t-shirt was created for one reason, to help change a life. Roughly every 2 minutes someone is being arranged for sexual exploitation and at the press of a button they can be sold dozens of times a day. How many people are being sexually exploited today? Roughly 27 million worldwide. How many of those cases involve children? 51.6 percent. The average age range?  12-14 but can be as young as 5 to 6 years old. How many survive that? Only .04% We are taking a stand and saying no more to human trafficking and sexual slavery.  The purpose of the freedom shirt is to bring awareness to this horrid topic and all profits are going towards an organization close to our hearts called Speed The Light who are partnered with Free International to buy a medical van for giving aid to the people that get caught in human trafficking as well as the resources to offer a way out for the boys and girls in sexual slavery.